Spring 2 and 3 Phase Schooling Trials

Sunday, May 13th, 2024

Sunday, Oct 12th, 2024


We appreciate your support and wish you sound horses and great success in 2024

The registration site will be closed once maximum capacity (100 entrants) has been reached - even if the closing date hasn't passed.



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Spring Horse Trials offered in the following 2-Phase or 3-Phase Divisions

  • Leadline (2-phase only): 12” cross rails, 2023 USDF Intro A
  • STARTER: 12" cross rails, 2023 USDF Intro A
  • PRE-ELEMENTARY: 18" jumps, 2023 USDF Intro A
  • ELEMENTARY: 2’ jumps, 2022 USEA Starter Test
  • ADVANCED ELEMENTARY: 2'3" jumps, 2022 USEA Starter Test
  • BEGINNER NOVICE: 2'7" jumps, 2022 USEA Beginner Novice Test A
  • NOVICE: 2'11" jumps,2022 USEA Novice Test A


GPC Schooling Horse Trial Fees

  • Leadline 2-Phase (10yo and under): $75
  • 2-Phase: $85
  • 3-Phase: $115
  • Dressage Only (small arena format): $40/test
  • Unjudged Stadium Round: $25/round

Pony Club Member Discount (applies to 2- or 3-Phase divisions only): $20

Note: Stadium runs from highest to lowest divisions throughout the day. When added to a 2- or 3- phase entry, the extra unjudged stadium rounds must be at or below the the rider’s 2- or 3- phase division and will be scheduled AFTER the judged round.