2018 in Review

2018 Annual Banquet

Perpetual Awards

  • The Danny Memorial Trophy (Most Dependable Pony) - Miracle and Hazel G.
       This award recognizes the horse who has displayed outstanding character, versatility, personality and willingness to do whatever is needed.
  • The Horsemanship Trophy - Emma A.
        This award recognizes the rider who has displayed outstanding horsemanship this year.
  • The Sis Gould Memorial Trophy - Sarah N.
        The is awarded for the most helpful pony clubber that goes above and beyond.
  • The Mega Mystery Trophy (most improved horse) - Talisman & Emily H.
        This award recognizes the horse that has experienced the greatest improvement in performance this year.
  • The Randy Memorial Trophy (Most Dependable Support person) - Sharon Ofenstein
        This award recognizes any person (member, volunteer, sponsor) who goes above and beyond in supporting a member or the Club.
  • The Spirit of Pony Club Trophy - Alyssa L.
        This award recognizes the person who has best exemplified the attitude and spirit that the US Pony Club tries to encourage in its members.
  • The Sportsmanship Trophy - Morgan S.
        This award recognizes outstanding sportsmanship and character.
  • The Stable Management Trophy - Annika O.
        This award is to the member who demonstrations horse management to the Club standard.
  • The Wynooks HiFi Trophy (most improved rider) - Lila M
        This award recognizes the member who has experienced the greatest improvement in riding ability and performance this year.

2018 Fall Certificates

  • Alex, Carissa earned their D1
  • Lila & Bella earned their C1
  • Bella, Audrey, Hazel, Morgan & Emma earned their C2
  • Annika & Lucy earned their C1 HM/Flat

2018 Spring Certificates

  • Rebekah earned her D1/2
  • Ellie A. earned her D1
  • Ellie B. earned her D1
  • Madi earned her D1

2018 D Rally


Groton - Ellie A., Ellie B., Carissa L., Lucy H., Annika O. (Capt, SM)

  • 1st Place in DIvision
  • 1st Place Overall
  • 1st Place HM
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - Ellie A., Ellie B., Carissa L., Lucy H

2018 Championships

Junior D Quiz Team - Lucy H., Georgia B., Annika O.

  • 4th Overall

Dressage - Bella B.

  • 2nd Overall