2017 In Review

2017 Annual Banquet

Perpetual Awards

  • Spirit of Pony Club - Emily H.
  • HiFi Award (most improved rider) - Lucy H.
  • Mega Mystery Award (for Most Improved Horse) - Valerie and Ashley C.
  • Horsemanship - Sarah N.
  • Sportsmanship Award - Alyssa L.
  • Always Danny Award - Elvis and Meaghan N.
  • Stable Management - Emma A.
  • Honorable Mention for Continued Commitment: Hazel G.

2017 Certificates

  • Teresa P. earned her D-1 & D-2
  • Lucy H. earned her D-3
  • Annika O. earned her D-3
  • Alyssa L. earned C-2 jump and H-B
  • Meaghan N. earned her D-2
  • Catherine M. earned her D-3
  • Sarah N. earned her C-2
  • Emily H. earned her C-2 (Jumping)
  • Hazel G. earned her C-1
  • Georgia B. earned her D-1 & D-2

2017 Tetrathlon Rally

Groton - Hazel and Ashley

  • Hazel was a Pre-Novice and finished 3rd
  • Ashley was a Senior and finished 1st

2017 Eventing Rally

Groton - Emily H, Sarah N, Alyssa L, Emma A, Kate M (SM) )

  • 1st Place Overall
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - Sarah N

2017 Show Jumping Rally

Groton Gold - Emma A (Capt), Emily H, Sarah N, Alyssa L, Kate M (SM

  • 3rd Place Overall
  • 1st Place HM
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - Sarah
  • Equitation (individual):
    • Emma A: 6th
    • Emily H: 3rd
    • Sarah N: 4th
    • Alyssa L: 1st

Groton Blue - Morgan C (Capt), Skye C, Meaghan N, Teresa Peik (SM)

2017 D Rally


Groton - Lucy H. (Capt), Annika O., Georgia B., Meghan N., Elizabeth A. (SM)

  • 2nd Place in DIvision
  • 2nd Place Overall
  • 8th Place HM
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - Lucy and Georgia

2017 Championships

Junior D Quiz Team - Lucy H.

  • 7th Overall

BN Eventing - Alyssa L., Emma A., Kate M. (SM)

  • 9th Overall
  • 2nd in Horse Management (missed 1st by .77)
  • Emma placed 6th in USEA for her division

Show Jumping-Intro SJ - Emily, Sarah

  • 2nd Overall
  • 16th in Horse Management
  • Emily earned an award for 5 clean rounds and high point for the Connemara Award.
  • Sarah earned a perfect tack & turnout.

2017 Dressage Rally


Groton - Emily H., Alyssa L.

  • 1st Place in DIvision
  • 2nd Place Overall
  • 1st Place HM
  • Reserved Champion
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - Emily and Alyssa
  • Championship Qualifiers - Alyssa
  • 1st place Musical Freestyle - Alyssa

2017 Quiz Rally


Jr. D Division - Skye C. (capt), Annika O., Lucy H., Meaghan N.

  • 3rd place in section
  • 8th place overall

Jr. & Sr. C Division - Morgan C. (capt), Alyssa L., Sarah N.

  • 2nd place in section
  • 2nd place overall