2001 Banquet Awards

Perpetual Awards

  • Spirit of Pony Club - Ann K., Beth O., Lauren N., and Lisa H.
  • Sabrina Award (most improved rider) - Michelle R.
  • Mega Mystery Award (for Most Improved Horse) - Casper and her riders Olivia M. and Samantha L.
  • Horsemanship - Lisa H.
  • Sportsmanship Award - Rachel D.
  • Sis Gould Memorial Award (for most helpful Pony Club member) - Amy Q.

2001 Championships Qualifers/Participants

  • Combined Training: Charlene P., Erin M.
  • Games: Michelle R.
  • Know-Down: Lisa H., Stephanie L., Samantha L., Jess O.


  • Perfect D: Jennifer R. and Michelle R.
  • Best C: Jess O. and Rachel D.

Ratings Achieved

  • Alexis H. - D-3
  • Allie H. - C-2
  • Ann K. - D-1, D-2
  • Catrina H. - D-1
  • Danielle D. - D-3
  • Jennica B. - D-1, D-2
  • Jennifer R. - D-2
  • Lauren N. - D-1, D-2
  • Leigh K> - D-1
  • Lisa H. - D-1, D-2
  • Megan H. - C-1, C-2
  • Olivia M. - D-2
  • Rachel D. - C-2
  • Rebecca P. - D-1
  • Zoe C. - D-2

2001 CNE Combined Training Rally

Groton Blue (Jess O. (capt), Stephanie L., Aryel P., and Beth O. (HM)

  • 6th place
  • 3rd place in HM

Groton Gold (Charlene P. (capt), Michelle R., Alexis H., and Lisa H. (HM)

  • 5th place

2001 D Rally

Groton Gold - Aryel P.(capt), Jennifer R., Zoe C., Lisa H., Danielle D. (HM), Stephanie L. (C Advisor)

  • 1st place
  • 1st place in HM
  • Champion

Groton Blue - Michelle R. (capt), Samantha L., Catrina H., Kerry Y.(HM), Charlene P. (C Advisor)

  • 4th place
  • 3rd place in HM

2001 Festival

CNE/Mid South Region Novice Combined Training Team - Charlene P., Erin M. (HM)

Metro/CNE/Oregon Team Dressage Team - GPC instructor Amber A. (HM)

  • 1st in horse management with only 0.5 total HM penalty points

NY/UC & CNE "Skittles" Jr. Games Team - Michelle R.

  • 15th out of 18 teams overall and made it into the finals twice
  • 5th in horse management

Jr. D Know-Down Team - Lisa H.

  • 16th out of 40 teams

Jr. D Know-Down Team - Samantha L.

  • 30th out of 40 teams

Jr. C Know-Down Team - Stephanie L.

  • 5th out of 7 teams

Sr. C Know-Down Team - Jess O.

  • 6th out of 12 teams

Festival Activities

Barn Fair
  • Jennifer and Samantha L. earned medals for completing all 20 stations.
  • Jess worked as an assistant instructor at the station on horse breeds and colors.
  • Stephanie helped out in the stable safety station.
Fox Hunt
  • Michelle joined USPC President Larry Byers and 75 other competitors on an early morning mock fox hunt around the Kentucky Horse Park and the Rolex course.
  • Steve got to follow along in the back of a pick up truck with many other parents.
Mounted Clinics
  • Charlene rode in several mounted clinics on Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping.
  • Michelle rode in mounted clinics on Dressage, Cross-Country, Stadium Jumping, Games, and Competitive Trail Riding (placing 1st out of 5 riders in the Competitive Trail Ride).
Rolex 4 Star Course Walk
  • Jess, Michelle, Samantha L., and Stephanie walked the course narrated by Mike Huber. While their parents kept up!
Unmounted Clinics
  • Jesse, Stephanie, and Wendy sat through all of Anatomy of a Hoof (including a dissection). Jennifer and Samantha L. stayed until it got too gross.
  • Steve attended clinics on Bandaging (by our own region's Betsey Reeves), Horse Trailering Safety, and Loading Problem Horses.
  • Iris worked the check-in table at the Barn Fair.
  • Steve was a lane judge for the Advanced Games Division.
  • Wendy worked the Festival check-in booth and Mission Control.

2001 Dressage Rally

Dressage Team - Amy Q.(capt), Jess O., Stephanie L., Michelle R., and Rachel D. (HM)

  • 4th Place in Horse Management Out of 11 Teams
  • 2nd Place Overall in Their Division
  • Reserved Champion
  • Perfect Tack & Turnout - Michelle and Jess

2001 Games Rally

Games Team - Michelle R. (capt), Elizabeth M., Samantha L., Olivia M., and JenniferR.

  • 3rd Place in Horse Management Out of 10 Teams
  • 4th Place Overall in Their Division (2nd Out of CNER Teams)
  • Perfect Tack & Turnout - Michelle, Olivia, and Jennifer

Championship Qualifiers

  • Michelle R. and joins the NY/Upper Conn/CNE Skittles Team for Championships

2001 Show Jumping Rally

Show Jumping Team - Allie H. (capt), Rachel D., Stephanie L., Michelle R., and Amy Q. (HM)

They endured torrential rain and thunderstorms to demonstrate outstanding performance in all areas.

  • 1st Place in Horse Management
  • 1st Place Overall in their Division
  • Overall Champions out of 10 Teams
  • Perfect Tack & Turnout - Allie, Rachel, and Stephanie
  • Highest Equitation Bonus Score (out of all competitors) - Allie
  • Also earning an Equitation Bonus Score (out of all competitors) - Rachel

2001 Know-Down Rally

Groton Blue - Jr D: Michelle R. (capt), Zoe C., Rebecca P., Samantha L.

  • 2nd place

Groton Gold - Jr D: Hayley C. (capt), Elizabeth M., Jennifer R., Catrina H.

  • 2nd place

Groton White - Jr D: Danielle D. (capt), Lisa H., Kerry Y., Olivia M.

  • 1st place,
  • Reserve Champion

Groton/Wentworth - Sr D: Jackie J.

  • 4th place

Groton/Jerico Forrest/Rockingham - Jr C: Stephanie

  • 1st place

Groton/Jerico Forrest - Sr C: Jess

  • 1st place
  • Champion

Championship Qualifiers

  • Jr. D: Lisa
  • Jr. D: Samantha L
  • Jr. C: Stephanie
  • Sr. C: Jess