2013 Banquet Awards

Perpetual Awards

  • Spirit of Pony Club - Emily M.
  • HiFi Award (most improved rider) - Madeline H.
  • Mega Mystery Award (for Most Improved Horse) - Calvin and hirs rider Morgan A.
  • Horsemanship - Sarah M.
  • Sportsmanship Award - Andy C.
  • Sis Gould Memorial Award (for most helpful Pony Club member) - not awarded
  • Always Danny Award - Poco ridden by Emma A.
  • 10 Year Anniversary - Kelly D.

2013 D Rally

Taylor W., Emma A., Amanda G., Kate M., Maddy H. (SM), Emily M. (C Advisor)

  • 3rd Place
  • 5th Place HM
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - Taylor W., Emma A., and Amanda G.

2013 Dressage Rally

Groton - Melissa M., Morgan A., Alexandra C., Emily M., Lauren M. (SM)

  • 2nd Place in DIvision
  • Reserved Champion
  • 2nd Place HM
  • Perfect Tack and Turnout - all riders